The association has tax exempt status for your donation so you may deduct the contributions from your taxes. This only applies for donators with registered residence in Switzerland.

Earthquake in Nepal

We provide DIRECT AID to impacted families and ask for your donation.

We can only partially surmise the sheer size and force of the numerous earthquakes thanks to the press. Aid from well-known organizations and disaster relief services from all over the globe is ramping up, yet anyone familiar with the topography of Nepal knows only too well the difficult logistics that these helpers must now master to even arrive to the location. These organizations provide IMMEDIATE AID. They save lives, rescue victims, and secure dangerous conditions, supply food and equipment on the ground. Invaluable help!

Despite the emergency aid, the victims lack the financial means after the fact. They need continued support to rebuild their lives. And this is too oft forgotten. It is here that we intend to offer support.

Nepalhilfe.ch (HelpNepal.ch) is an association by private Swiss citizens asking for donations.
Your donation is DIRECT AID and will be spent on projects that we conduct (and monitor). They are coordinated on the ground by local Nepalese and are sustainable. We support families to rebuild and repair their accommodations as well as provide a financial bridge until they are able to once again make a living. Most of them are farmers, trekking guides and families with guest rooms who have lost their entire existence from the destruction.

We do not give them the money, but rather we help them help themselves! We are at the very beginning and anticipate providing support for 2 years.

Additional information is available under "Projects".

Please help us; any and all support counts.

Thanks for the faith you place in us.
Mona Kohler
Sören Rasmussen
Maria Kohler

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